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Solid Wood Bathroom Ceramic Basin Washbasin Mdf Paint Hanging Bathroom Cabinet

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Origin: HangzhouInstallation method: HangingTexture of material:MDF(cabinet),Silver mirror(mirror),ceramics(Wash Basin)Port of shipment: Ningbo, ShanghaiMOQ:5Delivery time:10-15dayModelHS-016HS-017HS-018HS-019HS-020Main cabinet specifications(mm)700*460700*470800*470800*460800*480colorWhiteBlackWhiteBrown and whiteWhiteProduct features:MDF board is a new type of green environmental protection products, paint finishes, is dazzling, elegant and moving, leading the fashion. It has the following advantages:1 absolutely waterproof, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti moth.2 sound insulation, heat insulation, light weight, high impact strength.3 non deformation, anti ultraviolet, good electrical insulation.4 surface smooth, smooth, clean, long life.5 non-toxic recyclable.Handle features:1 handle real materials, material exquisite workmanship,2 handle are made of high quality raw materials, ensure the coating with delicate, the handle is very beautiful eyes look beautiful.3 strict treatment process, to ensure that the handle will never rust.Packing of goods:The pearl cotton + foam + carton + + wooden packages, as far as possible to avoid the damage caused by the collision in the process of transportation!Mercury mirror:The use of high-grade products, high definition, the face is not deformed, the mercury layer is not easy to fall off and not easy to oxidation and so on.Fine workmanship:Comprehensive use of a materials and has ordered color oil and other processes, particularly relevant cheats parameters please forgive inconvenience to the public, absolute guarantee of quality is much higher than the similar products.Anti fouling property:Through special craft processing, with anti-corrosion, anti termite proof, abrasion resistance, easy cleaning and other characteristics.After-sale service:Delivery: the product is issued, 7-8 days is not the buyer received the goods, please contact us promptly to the whereabouts of we find the goods, after receipt of the products, please buyers within 7 days to confirm payment Oh, bulky goods accounted for funds, please buyers understand and support.Returns: we are committed to product quality problems unconditional returned goods, the separation of product packaging, transport damage is logistics problems rather than product quality, damage which, we deal with which, in case of in this case please timely contact and negotiate with the seller to solve, can not accept the buyer carefully take.Article installation: hands-on ability of adults are basically can be installed, but it's better to seek to understand a little bit of the installation of the master, General Hydropower Industry and trade will install, we have professional chefs can telephone to consult the installation and the electronic version of the installation drawing, there is a need, please contact our customer service!

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