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Solvent Red 127

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Product Description
TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Product name: Solvent red 127CAS NO.: 61969-48-0C.I.: Not availableEINECS: Not availableChemical formula: Not availableMolecular structure: Not availableAppearance: Shade: Strength: Odor: Solubility: Specific gravity: PH value: Moisture/%: Ash/%: Fineness (Residues through 80 mesh ) /%: Light fastness: Anti-migration:   Heat resistance: Red powder Similar to the standard 100±3% Weak odor   Insoluble in water  Not tested7.0-9.0 ≤0.5 ≤0.3 ≤3.0 Not available Not available Not availablePerformance and features: Apply for coloring paint and ink.

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