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Sound Proof Granulators

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Product Description
Fully sealed crushing chamber, realizing low noise (below 80dB within 1 meter away from machine) and no dust.Installed with heat dissipation system to protect motor and ensure long operation.Consisted of several safety devices and CE authenticated electrical appliances to meet European standards.Adopted phase controller to prevent motor from rotating reversely.Installed with isolator switch for safer operation and maintenance.Adjustable feeder port and eyenut lock are for ease of operation. Storage trolley is standard configuration, while hopper and cyclone system are optional.Model(mm) Crushing Chamber(kg/h) Crushing AbilityFixed BladeRotary BladePower(cm) Dimension L×W×H(kg) Net WeightkWHPWSGJ230230×215100-1502645100×72×149500WSGJ400410×270200-2502127.510118×93×170800WSGJ500520×320300-3502151115130×106×1961100WSGJ600620×340350-4504181520136×116×2131350WSGJ800815×480450-6004242230185×154×2682250We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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