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Soy Mixture Emulgofiks 25

Product Description

Mix soy proteinaceous "Emulgofiks 25" - texture sealant on the basis of phytogenesis proteins. Allows to increase density and to improve textural indicators of finished products. It is used by production as emulsified, and coarsely cut meat products: sausages (boiled, cooked smoked, half-smoked, etc.), canned food with the crushed meat, semi-finished products (pelmeni, quenelles, cutlets, meat stuffed pancakes), etc.

The recommended norm of bookmark: 1-3% (dry way).

Qualitative characteristics:

Indicators: Characteristic and norm:
Appearance: dry powder (availability of insignificant quantity of the lumps which are easily scattered at mechanical influence is allowed)
Smell and taste: inherent to this type of product, without foreign smell and smack
Color: light-cream
Structure: gluten wheat, soyameal.
Mass fraction of moisture: no more than 10,0%
Mass fraction of protein, %, not less: 65
Mass fraction of fat, %, no more: 5
Nutrition value on 100 g of product: proteins - 65 g, fats - 5 g, carbohydrates of 17,5 g
Energy value on 100 g of product: 375 kcal

Safety indicators: On microbiological indicators, the maintenance of toxic elements, mycotoxins, pesticides conforms "To uniform sanitary and epidemiologic and hygienic requirements to the goods which are subject to sanitary and epidemiological surveillance (control)", approved by the decision of the Commission of the Customs union No. 299 of 28.05.2010 and to requirements the SanPiN (enc. 1, Indus. 1.9.1, It is made from genetically Unmodified components!

Producer and country of origin: LLC Ingrediyenty. Razvitiye, Russia. Normative document: TU 9146-002-58897992-06.

Packaging: Paper multiwall sacks with a net weight of 25 kg.

Storage: in the pure well aerated rooms which are not infected with wreckers of grain stocks and protected from direct sunshine at temperature not over 20 ˚ With and relative humidity of air no more than 75%.
Expiration date: 8 months from the date of production.

Brand: Ингредиенты. Развитие
Country of manufacture: Russia

Min. Order 5 000 kg
Price 1,875$/kg
FOB St. Petersburg
Min. Order price 9375$

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