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Soy Protein Opttema M-03 Textured - Ingredienty. Razvitie

Soy Protein Opttema M-03 Textured

PRICE: contract price
Product Description


Textured soy protein "Opttema" - extrusion product of soybean meal, which has a porous structure that allows to bind and hold more moisture. It recreates the texture of the most valuable food products - meat, fish, mushrooms, depending on the range of taste and flavors; It can be used as a food raw material to partially replace (15 to 30%) of raw meat, as well as a separate dish.

Soy texturate has a high protein content, amino acid composition value, contains no saturated fat and cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The soy many minerals, it is relatively rich in phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron, manganese and copper. In addition, it contains a large amount of vitamins.

Quality features:

Indicators:Characteristics and rate:
Appearance. Granulation (shapes and sizes)in granular form (minced meat), the product has a porous structure
Smell and taste:characteristic of this product, without foreign tastes and odors
Colour:from light cream to cream
The size of the main fractions, mm:2 to 5
Contents of the main fractions of the total weight of the product, however,%:70
Hydration (water-holding capacity) parts water to 1 part of the product, not less than:3
Mass fraction of moisture,%, no more:10.0
Mass fraction of protein,%, not less:48.0 (actual 52,0-54,0)
Fat content,%, not more than:1.0
Nutritional information per 100 g of product:Protein - 48 g fat - 1 g, carbohydrates 30 g
Energy value per 100 g of product:321.0 kcal
Safety Indicators : For microbiological parameters, the content of toxic elements, mycotoxins, pesticides, corresponds to the "Uniform sanitary and epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision (control)", approved by decision of the Customs Union Commission №299 of 28.05.2010 and SanPiN (adj. 1, ind. 1.9.1, Made from genetically modified ingredients!

Benefits . In the industrial production of foods, using the protein products obtained in the processing of soy beans, the following major effects are obtained:

increased nutritional and biological value;
high economic effect, because reduced production costs, and production losses are reduced.
Soy protein is often unfairly criticized, saying that it gives a bad taste and poor quality creates the structure of the final product. This problem can occur if the soy protein used incorrectly, or in too high concentrations. When protein is used correctly, the negative impact on the taste or structure of the product can hardly occur. Indeed, soy proteins generally enriched product.

Scope. The hydrated protein "Opttema" substitute raw materials as a high-quality (meat Class and Class I), and low (meat scraps, fat, internal organs). It is used in the production of:

chopped semi-finished products (cutlets, meatballs, minced meat and so on.);
of meat products in the dough (dumplings, manta rays, khinkali etc.);
tinned minced meat;
vegetable canned food (stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, porridge with meat, etc.);
sausages (smoked, boiled-smoked, cooked sausage);
It can be used in home cooking as a separate dish, steak, beef stew, etc.
Cooking methods: * Recommended application rate: 15 - 30% (hydrated form)


Determining the value of various soy protein, it is important to bear in mind the cost per kilogram of hydrated product. It is important to remember that the product with the lowest cost in a dry form does not necessarily mean the least cost in its hydrated form. It is important to take into account the functionality of the protein, and its cost is difficult. When using soy proteins is necessary that the composition included sufficient water to completely dissolve the protein. Lack of hydration is expressed in the loss of the structure, breaking the emulsion and reduce the absorption capacity of soy protein. In turn, excessive hydration of the final product reduces the gel strength. Textured soy protein "Opttema" must first be hydrated. To do this, one must add the protein three parts of cold water and let stand 15-20 minutes. During this time all the moisture is absorbed, whereby each kilogram of protein teksturirovannnogo (mince) obtained 4kg vegetable matter, meat substitute, fish or other raw materials. If you use warm water, hydration time is reduced (compared to hydration with cold water) for hydration of textured soy products.

Norma bookmarks:

The amount of added hydrated protein may be in the range of 15-30% or more, depending on the quality of raw meat producer desires. Along with the hydrated protein, which is replaced by a piece of meat (fish, mushrooms) in the product, in the product as an emulsifier and stabilizer system can be used soy mixture "Emulgofiks 25" or "Emulgofiks 50" in the amount depending on the type of manufactured product and quality used materials.

Method of preparation:

Before writing the stuffing is necessary to pre-hydration of soy protein. Hydrated protein then milled on the cutter to the dimensions of the granules reduced to about 2.3 mm. If no cutter, stuffing can mince with a diameter of 3 mm or grating generally used without pretreatment, placing the mixer directly after hydration. For the production of cooked, cooked smoked sausages, sometimes semi-smoked sausages, meat chopped, minced meat cutter on soy protein can be made in the form of soy slurry.

To prepare the hydrated soy protein slurry is placed in a bowl cutter and ground for 2-3 minutes, then make soy mixture "Emulgofiks 50", additional water (one part "50 Emulgofiks" four parts water) and cutter until homogenous. The prepared dispersion (gel) or suspension with "Emulgofiks 50 'desirably used within 2-3 hours.

* Note: The preparation of the above method is recommended and may vary depending on the products, the composition (formulation) and a method of manufacturing (grinding methods, mixing, heat treatment parameters, etc.).

Manufacturer and country of origin : LLC "Ingredients. Development ", Russia. TU 9146-009-58897992-06

Packing :

The product is packaged in multiwall paper bags, net weight 15 or 18 kg. According to customer's order paper bags can be stacked on pallets and covered with stretch film stretch for maximum protection.

Storage :

Storage:in clean well ventilated area, not infected by pests of grain stocks at a temperature no higher than 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 75%. Avoid direct exposure to moisture in the product.
Shelf life:12 months from date of manufacture.
Brand: Ингредиенты. Развитие
Country of manufacture: Russia
Food energy: 321 kcal / 100g

Min. Order 18000 kg
Price 0,83$/kg
FOB St. Petersburg
Min. Order price 14940$


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Company Info

Ingredienty. Razvitie
Contact Person:
Alexey Nasonov


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