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Speaker Ndfeb Magnet

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Product Description
Speaker NdFeB MagnetSpeaker NdFeB magnet is an alloy magnet made from Nd,Fe,B and other metal elements,which has the high remanence,high coercive force,high energy and high performance/cost ratio.The highest magnetic properties is from 33MGOe to 52MGOe,and we are able to control the magnetic properties within the range as you demanded,like SH,UH,EH such high stable properties could be produced as per your industrial application.The produce process of Speaker Magnet is as follows:Melting--Milling---Aligning--Pressing--Machining--Inspection-- Sintering--Surfacecoating--Inspection--Magnetizing--Package--ShipmentThe general features of Speaker NdFeB Magnet are as follows:Size:According to customizedShape:Disc,Block,Ring, Cylinder, Arc,and customizedSurface coatingNickel,Zinc,Gold,Sliver and EpoxyPackage:33X26X23 Standard export packageDelivery time:15-20dysThe Neodymium Magnetism direction are s follows:A.Thickness MagnetizedB. Axially MagnetizedC. Diametrally MagnetizedD. Multi-poles magnetizedE. Radial MagnetizedF. Customzied specific requirements magnetizedNeodymium Magnet has widely application,such as motors, electronics, engineering, equipment, medical equipment, household appliances

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