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Special Pseudo Boehmite

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If you are willing to wholesale quality, advanced and durable special pseudo boehmite from one of the famous China low sodium pseudo boehmite,low density pseudo boehmite manufacturers, CHALCO is always at your service. P-DF-10  P-DF-10 is a middle density, large pore size pseudo-boehmite product, with the character of high purity, large pore volume, uniform pore size distribution and good acid-soluble. For the large pore volume, specific surface area, good thermal stability, P-DF-10 has good formability, high strength and good wear resistance characteristics, which is widely used in hydrocracking, hydrotreating, hydrogenation refining catalyst     (%) Chemical composition Fe2O3 ≤0.04 Na2O ≤0.1 SO42- ≤1.0 LOI (%) ≤30 Physical character (%,XRD) ≤3                         pore volum(ml/g,BET) 0.9-1.1  BET(m2/g,BET) ≥280     Phase transformation      350-450℃                 P-DF-10    → γ-Al2O3      800-900℃                 γ-Al2O3    → θ-Al2O3      1100-1600℃               θ-Al2O3        → α-Al2O3 P-DF-10 X P-DF-10 SEM H-B-90 H-B-90 Is a β-Al (OH) 3 powder produced by high liquidity special process. It’s insoluble in acid. As catalyst components, H-B-90 has the  unique properties of lower the acid active center density. After the molding process, it can be made into many shapes such as bar, ball and Special-shaped. H-B-90  is widely used in high acid activity center catalyst field.  (%)Chemical composition Fe2O3 <0.06 Na2O <0.30 SiO2 <0.15 LOI(%) 33-38 Physical character D50(μm) 20-30 BET(m2/g)BET >350                     bulk density(g/cm3)Apparent density   ≥0.56 β-Al(OH)3  (%,XRD) >90 α-Al2O3•3H2O  (%,XRD) ≤5 Phase transformation 320℃   H-B-90       → η-Al2O3 900℃   η-Al2O3      → θ-Al2O3 1150℃  θ-Al2O3      → α-Al2O3 H-B-90 X H-B-90 SEM B-D-2 Boehmite is an important precursor for the preparation of γ-Al2O3 and α–Al2O3, Mainly used in catalyst and its carrier materials, coating material, porous membranes and soft abrasive, high temperature ceramics etc. (%)chemical composition Fe2O3 ≤0.04 Na2O ≤0.2 moisture ≤0.5 physical character LOI (%) ≤17 D50(μm) 2.0±0.5                        BET(m2/g)BET ≥70  bulk density(g/cm3)Apparent density   0.3-0.5                  B-D-2 X  B-D-2 SEM A-AS-HC-GSA A-AS-HC-GSA is a white powder on appearance, which is soluble in acid and alkali solution. It has the advantage of good forming performance, strong adhesion, bulk density of small, low sulfide containing. A-AS-HC-GSA is the material of Petroleum refining catalyst, with high activity for hydrogenation cracking catalyst, can also be used for hydrotreating catalyst. (%)Chemical composition Ca                                <0.15 Fe2O3                              <0.1 Na2O                               <0.30 Silicon aluminum ratio                   custom-made Physical character BET(m2/g)  BET                      250-400 bulk density(g/cm3)Apparent density         ≥0.56 L.O.I (%)                          30

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