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Special Purpose Vehicles «GAZelle Business»

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GAZ vehicles are the most popular and multifunctional basis for special purpose vehicles, especially in Russia’s operating conditions. Capability to work with ultimate loads, reliability of the whole construction in general and of every component separately – these are the main salient features of GAZ special purpose vehicles. GAZ running gear ensures sufficient off-road performance, maneuverability and flexibility of special purpose vehicles. Upgrade and replacement of most components got GAZelle Business to a new level of driver and passengers comfort. Affordable maintenance is one of the key factors when choosing GAZelle as a special purpose vehicle: maintenance and a standard hour of works on GAZelle cost 1.5 – 2 times less, than on its foreign counterparts; you can find spare parts for GAZelle all around the country, every component is always in stock and it costs 2 – 5 times less, than its foreign counterparts.

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