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Spindle Encoder For Cnc Lathe

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Weihai IDENCODER Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading spindle encoder for cnc lathe manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with one of the famous brands, welcome to buy our customized bulk cnc lathe encoder in stock and you are also welcomed to check the price, pricelist or the quotation with our factory. *Apply for principal axis of digital controlled lathe under heaving loading working environment.*Sturdy and durable, anti-interference, impact& vibration resistance, high reliability*Square flange*Varies of resolutions are selectable, varies of working voltages are selectable. Description of Type: *Flange form is square flange*Through-hole installation*Key body dimension is 68mm*Side-out aviation connector*Diameter of axle is 15mm;*Resolution is 1024*Long-line output*Working voltage is 5V*Positive logic output Technical parameters Environmental Parameter Operating Temperature -20~60℃ Relative Humidity 30~85%RH(No Condensation) Level of Protection IP54 Electric Parameter Supply Voltage 5V,12V,24V or 8~29V Output Waveform Square wave Response Frequency 0~250k Mechanical Parameter Maximum permissible Revolution 6000r/min Impact Resistance GB/T 2423.5-1995 100g,6ms Vibration Resistance GB/T 2423.10-1995 10g,10~500Hz Starting Torque 5×10-2N·m Maximum Axial Loading Axial 200N Radial 100N Rotational Inertia 3.5×10-6kg·m2 Permissible Angular Acceleration 1×104rad/s

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