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Spiral Debristling Machine

PRICE: 12500 USD
Product Description

Pig carcasses are not skinned after exsanguinations. Instead, the carcasses are dropped into scalding water which loosens the hair for subsequent removal. This abattoir equipment is widely used in large and medium-sized slaughter plants or butcher houses. The carcasses should be kept under water and continually moved and turned for uniform scalding.

Features of Rotary Scalding Machine:
1. It is the indispensable equipment for large slaughterhouse.
2. It is the pre-processing equipment for dehairing.
3. Improved dehairing effect is achieved by using it. 
4. It is complemented with scalding machine and scalding tank.

Technical Specification of Rotary Scalding Machine:
1. Motor power: 2.2KW
2. Rated voltage: 380V
3. Control voltage: 24V
4. Production capacity: 200 ~ 300 pigs / hour (adjustable)
5. Travelling speed of dish stander: 2.75m/min 
6. Reciprocating frequency of stander: 28 times / min 
7. Dimensions: 5100X1480X1600mm

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