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Spiral Wound Gasket

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Product Description
JFY-SWG100 Spiral wound gasketDescription:Spiral wound gasket is formed of V-shaped W--shaped metallic stripe and soft non-metallic filler by means of piled, spiral wound and connected its end and beginning by dot welded. Depend on its excellent compression resilience it is suitable for sealing spots where the alteration of temperature and pressure are frequent.ProfileProductsStyleFlangeFor exampleBasic type SWGSWG100Tongue and Groove304/PTFESWG with inner ringSWG100 IRMale and Female304 304/FGWG with outer ringSWG100 ORRaise face Flat face304/ASB CSSWG with inner & outer ringsSWG100 IOR304 304/FG CSHoop Inner & outer ring materialFiller materialNormal thickness mmProductsStyleProductsStyleTemperature3.2/2.04.5/3.04.8/3.05.5/4.07.5/5.0Carbon steelCSASBASB500304(L),316(L)304(L),316(L)GraphiteFG650MonelMonPTFEPTFE250Ni,TINi,TiMICAMICA950INCONELINCCERCER1000HAST,ZIRCHAST,ZIRCNAFNAF300

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