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Splint:While casts provide more support, splints are the preferred choice for stabilizing hairline fractures, fractures with minimal swelling, and fractures that will need to be reevaluated frequently. Splints are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, allowing for versatility and adjustment throughout the healing process. The ability to change the fit throughout treatment of the injury decreases the risk of compartment syndrome, and ultimately provides greater comfort for the patient. Simply fit the splint around the injury and use the Velcro straps to tighten and secure as needed. Remove the straps to loosen the fit and to remove the splint for reevaluation or discontinuation of treatment.ProductDescriptionSizeQtyH2-S2" Cutted Splint2"X 12" (30CM)1/p,20p/Box,6Boxes/CaseH3-S3" Cutted Splint3"X 12" (30CM)1/p,20p/Box,6Boxes/CaseH3-S3" Cutted Splint3"X 36" (90CM)1/p,10p/Box,6Boxes/CaseH4-S4" Cutted Splint4"X 16" (40CM)1/p,15p/Box,6Boxes/CaseH4-S4" Cutted Splint4"X 29" (75CM)1/p,10p/Box,6Boxes/CaseH5-S5" Cutted Splint5"X 29" (75CM)1/p,10p/Box,6Boxes/CaseH5-S5" Cutted Splint5"X 45" (114CM)1/p,5p/Box,6Boxes/CaseH6-S5" Cutted Splint6"X 29" (75CM)1/p,10p/Box,6Boxes/CaseH6-S6" Cutted Splint6"X 45" (114CM)1/p,5p/Box,6Boxes/Case

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