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Square Bottom Rolling Bag Film Blowing Machine

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If you are looking for new design, full automatic square bottom rolling bag film blowing machine, or you are going to import high speed PLC control products from a such factory, or you are planning to check the price with a such golden supplier, with large output square bottom rolling bag film blowing machine for sale and providing with square bottom rolling bag film blowing and printing machine, square bottom rolling bag plastic film blown plant, square bottom rolling bag plastic extrude film blowing machine on promotion, Yuzhe Intl Trading Company is always at your service. Jiangyin Yuzhe is an international trading company with our own facotry. Main products as following: - Film blowing and printing machine—shopping bags, advertisement bags, vest bags, ping bags and so on. - High speed film blowing machine—for tablecloth, garbage bags, agricultural film and so om. - Rotogravure printing machine—for milk package, PVC film, PP film. - Laminating machine—for thermal insulation material, milk packing paper, non-woven, leather and so on. -Dry way laminating machine—for different material laminated together by glue We provide the whole line for the bags making, milk or juice package making. Molds of Film Blowing and Printing Machine Mold HSY-350 HSY-800 HSY-1000 HSY-1200 Material HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Recycling material, Biodegradable material. Max Width 350mm 750mm 950mm 1150mm Screw φ45mm φ50mm φ65mm Φ65mm L:D 28:1 28:1 30:1 30:1 Out put 40kg/h 55kg/h 75kg/h 90kg/h Thickness LDPE: 0.001-0.2mm    HDPE: 0.012-0.15mm Color Two colors, more colors can be designed Print Speed 40m/min 40m/min 50m/min 55m/min Extruder 15kw 18kw 30kw 55kw Total Power 26kw 55kw 65kw 85kw Main feature and purpose: Soft plastic package bag can be produced by this machine,with printing on both side,this machine can blow and print at the same time.HD,LD,dissoluble plastic ,biodegradable material and recycling material are all raw material.It will becomes the perfect choice for you to produce the shopping bag ,vest bag and plastic bags.We also can provide the production line for the bag making machine,including the various bag making machine. 1.Wide application, several purposes (It can blow HDPE and LDPE,  blowing and printing at same time or single blowing or single printing) 2.Advanced structure, easy operation, correct overprint, easy maintenance 3.Raw material saving, reliable quality. It has following characteristics contrasting to traditional wheel print machine a. Bright color, more fastness b. Blow and color-print at same time, correct chromatography  c. Easy maintenance, reliable and stable quality  d. Less power consumption, less labor, work time saving, less cost Step of the Film Blowing: Feeding→plastifying→extruding→blowing out and extensing →cooling and finalizing the design→traction→ corona treatment → printing → Drying → traction →rewinding Feeding Process Once the equipment start, should put litter materual. Until the material is extruded ,make sure the machine head is right and the effect of plastifying is good, then increase the quantities of material. Plastifying process After the raw material goes out from the extruder and is heated through preheat section, it plasticizes and is extruded out, then mixed by srew pole, and finally, the granular material is plastified into melt.  The Extruding out process The fused material output from the screw pole extrudeding out section, which makes the swirl material turn into the advection by the filter screen in the equipment head. Then ,the material goes into the spiral machine head and flows into the die opening.At the last it gets into the film tube and extruded out.  Two main processes ,extruding out and the lengthways drafting ,which makes the size of the film well after the filming tube is stretched.  Under the certain extruding machine rotating, the instant temperature and the changeless material discharging, the size (width of breadth ) is decided by the ratio of blowing out, which (the times of film’s transversed drafting ) is easily operated under 3 ~ 6 times.  The thickness depends on the lengthways drafting ,i.e.the ratio is normally from 3 to 7 times between drafting speed and extruding speed.The film is easily broken out under the condition of the too large drafting ration. Cooling and finalizing the design Cooling vane and air pressure decide the final design ,making the film tube extrude out from die opening and the plastics cooled on the basis of the designed shape and it is adjusted in fine,bringing the more correct section and brightness surface,After finishing shape, the material passes the drafting roll and comes into printing system. Printing part The technical flowing is as follows, traction roller→electronic friction machine→first overprint→dry→second overprint →the same speed roller traction rewind. The electric compact machine to treat the film  In this machine, the electronic friction machine is adopted to use the high frequency pulse high voltage, make the air bring ionization and the discharge phenomena. When the plastic film passes through the electric discharge space and bears the pulse arc stroke, the original smooth surface of film forms the pores which can be seen by the naked eye, so the printing fastness can be improved. Printing speed adjustment The motor is electrically moment motor,its rotate is from 200to 1200rotates/min.The printing plate and roller rotating is kept by the worm wheel at the same speed (it can lock itself when slowdown the worm wheel and worm).Through the mechnism,the printing speedcan be choosen from 8 to 40 meter/min with your needs. Drying part The oven drying is used between the front chromatography and the back chromatography to reach the ink drying quality. The time of ink drying effects directly the quality of products. Printing roll, ink scraping and gravure processes        When printing roll was rolled in the ink channel, the whole cylinder is painted with thicker ink, then you can use the machine scraper, the scraper removes the thicker ink in printing chart. So, some surface of roll becomes blank and the depressed part is filled fully with ink, then under the press roll pressure, the ink at the depressed part (pattern) is transferred and printed to the surface of film. Rewinding part Double friction rewinders and cutting device are adopted on this machine to produce the single layer film and double rounded film in accordance with clients'needs.It could twin rewind in sigle ayer or rewind in twin layers.The film is rewinded smoothly.   ♦ Our factory has established over 30 years, and always make the market requirements as our guider, the scarification of the customers as our rule, the self-innovation as our develop strategy, the improvement of our competitive power as our goal. ♦ Warmly welcome new and old customers from home and abroad to visit our factory, and establish friendly and cooperative business relationship.

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