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Square Sign Post Hardware - Rock Post & Hardware Co., Ltd.

Square Sign Post Hardware

Product Description

Square sign post is perfect for heavy street signs or traffic signs mounting. Compared with heavy-duty U-channel post, square sign support has higher strength and stability except a little higher cost. A whole set of mounting hardware is supplied along with square post. This will save your time and money to purchase from other vendor. Square sign post mounting hardware consists of mounting screw and nut, corner bolt, drive rivets, pyramid cap and sign brackets.

Corner bolt & nut

Aluminum corner bolt for square post.
SQH-01: Corner bolt used to attach a sign to square tubing post.
Use: attach parking and street signs to square sign posts. 
Mount one street name sign generally needs two bolts - 1-3/4" × 2" × 2-1/4".

Aluminum drive rivets

Aluminum square post drive rivets for sign mounting.
SQH-02: Aluminum drive rivets.

Use: attach parking and street signs to square sign posts.
Two rivets are required to install one street sign.
Installation: First, insert the rivet into the mounting holes. Second, hit the hammer and the rivet will be fastened the sign to the post.
Pyramid cap for square posts

Pyramid rain cap for square posts.
SQH-03: Pyramid rain cap for square post.
Available in two sides - 1 3/4" or 2" square posts.

Square post street sign brackets

Cast aluminum square post sign brackets.
SQH-04: Square post street sign bracket.

Item: square post street sign brackets.
Material: aluminum.
Slot length: 5 1/2" or 12".
Slot width: 1/4".
NOTE: Square post brackets with 5 1/2" are suitable for 6" tall street name sign, while 12" long slots for taller than 9" street name sign.

Sign mounting screw and nut

Sign mounting screw and nut for square post.
SQH-05: Sign mounting screw and nut.

Size: 5/16" × 2.5".
Include: slotted truss head machine screw and hex nut.
Finish: galvanized.
Use: mounting traffic signs & street signs to u-channel or square sign posts.
Square post sign hardware

Sign to square or round post hardware.
SQH-06: Sign to post hardware.
It's the sign to post mounting hardware for square post 2" and 1 3/4" or round post with diameter 2 3/8". 

2 × 5/16" × 3" bolts.
2 × 5/16" nuts.
2 × 5/16" washers.

Other products

Company Info

Rock Post & Hardware Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:
dong feng


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