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Stage Corner Barriers/concert Aluminum Barrier Corner

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Stage Corner Barriers/concert aluminum barrier CornerApart from the standard section,this barrier can be positioned in several corner angles to meet any environment requirements.In the middle of the section a hinge allows the barrier to be shaped in any angle without making comprimises on the systems strength. It folds flat after use and can be stacked on dollies for easy transport and storage.The Crowd Control Barrier System includes all the elements you need for the utmost in safety and visibility, with each piece designed for easy handling and storage. Just turn the barricade to a 30-degree angle and slide the two units together. No lifting, twisting, or tools are required. The Crowd Control Barricade folds flat for easy and compact storage, and also includes a convenient transporFacts·         Same material specifications and looks as the standard barrier·         Top rail is rounded for audience comfort Allows barrier line designs to be shaped in variable angles·         A Partial floorplate on both sides secures the strength of the section·         The design enables handling without risk of trapped fingers·         Designed with tread plate that prevents liquids from pooling

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