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Stage performance solutionLED screen is now an indispensable part for stage performance. Its role also evolved from simply providing stage background to integration with the whole setting for a more creative performance, therefore undertake an increasingly important role on large scale stage.SGR900 with fast testing mode that takes 30 seconds, easily support HD display (4096*2160 plus resolution) with normal computer and monitor.High refreshing rate, high gray level,meets the need for various level of video recording,outstanding effectWide working voltage range from 3 to 6 volt, ensure a stable performance under unstable field voltage.Simple splice and concatenation. With the image processing engine, it’s more suitable for complex and large screen.Existing setting are not affected by outside changes,mainboard and cabinet can be easily changed without affecting the visual display, which is convenient for stage set-up.The SGR900 support super large loading resolutionMulti-device redundancy backup and synchronizing backup, two ways to ensure your perfect performance.previous solutionsCommon Solutions The SGR Latest Solutions

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