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Stainless Steel Railway Ropes

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Taizhou Kaichuang Metal Products Co.,Ltd is one of the leading stainless steel railway ropes manufacturers and also a professional such supplier, equipped with a productive stainless steel railway ropes factory and company, we are able to offer you quality products, please feel free to contact us.1.Stainless steel wire rope for railway:A. Structure: 8T25  Diameter: 8.75mm  Tension > 54 Kn  Strength: 1870 N/mm2  Material: AISI304B. Structure: 19X37  Diameter: 21.5mm, 16.5mm  Cross Section: 200mm2, 120mm2,   Material: Stainless steel 3042. Colored steel wire rope: The surface of steel wire rope becomes black or golden yellow through chemical technology and it is widely applied to the stage and lifting appliance for art performance. 3. Anti-fatigue steel wire rope: The steel wire rope owns strong friction resistance and long fatigue life through special technology, and is applied to garage door and lifting rope. 4. High-strength steel wire rope: The steel wire rope owns high strength and strong tension through low temperature heat treatment.

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