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Stainless Steel Thermostatic Water Bath

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HHS electronic constant temperature water bath stainless steel pot series specifications Overview:  1, reasonable structure design, excellent material, good constant temperature, temperature control precision is high, short heating time, small heat loss, reliable performance, convenient operation, good appearance, durable, is the medical and health units, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research system, the college chemistry laboratory distillation, drying, concentration and constant temperature heating chemical synthesis and biological products such as the ideal laboratory equipment.  2, this product is the tank and the top parts such as full stainless steel material manufacturing, largest bath Φ hole diameter 120 mm, every hole is equipped with a cover, the 4th ring road by direct heating automatic temperature adjustment, tubular electric heating element can be at room temperature to 100 ℃range to choose some point temperature constant temperature for use.  Second, the main technical parameters and specification:  1, power supply: 20 v 50 kz          2, the temperature control range: at room temperature to 100 ℃  3, the temperature control precision: plus or minus 0.5 ℃      modelNumber of holesRated powerStudio sizeHHSA single300W150*150*135HHSDouble orifice500W300*150*135HHSSingle-row four hole1000W600*150*135HHSDouble row four hole1000W300*300*135HHSSingle row 6 holes1500W900*150*135HHSDouble row 6 holes1500W450*300*135HHSDouble row eight hole2000W600*300*135Three, use method and matters needing attention:  1, water tank should be fixed on the platform, the power supply voltage must be consistent with the product requirements of voltage, power socket should use three Kong Anquan socket, ground must be installed.  2, before use should be adding water box, water level must be higher than the diaphragm, not without water or heating water level below the diaphragm, in case of damage to the heating tube, but don't add too full, in case of overflow into water tank insulation layer.  3, plugged in, turn on the switch by the switch to adjust to the required temperature, green light said heating heating up, red light fixed temperature and heat preservation.  Parameter Settings:  1, master Settings: under normal state, press ▼  button or ▲ bring any key for 3 seconds, shown numerical display after CCCC is the current main control set point, if you want to modify the value, until after the stop operation, automatically save the set value after 10 seconds, and then return to normal state measurement.  2, return difference value proportion (the time when the instrument is static correction) : press ▼  keys and ▲ bring about 3 seconds at the same time, display "P * * *", after three to return difference values, the press ▼  or ▲ bring about key to modify the value, until after the stop operation automatically save about 10 seconds.  3, sensor error correction: return difference value proportion (the time when the instrument is static correction) automatically saved automatically displayed "C * * *" after three revised for error, this time ▼  keys or ▼  keys can be set up flyers error estimate.Until after the stop about 10 seconds after operation automatically saved back to the normal state.

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