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Standard Asphalt Distributor

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Hangzhou ICOM Construction Machinery Co.,LtdMain technical description of ZQZ5161GLQ Intelligent asphalt distributor 1 Main Technical Description ZQZ5161GLQ Intelligent Asphalt Distributor is an intelligent high-tech product which can spread emulsified asphalt, fluxed asphalt, oil refining asphalt, heated asphalt, heavy traffic paving asphalt and high viscosity modified asphalt. The product has been widely used in highway construction and road maintenance projects. It can be used for construction of upper and lowers seal coat, prime coat, waterproof layer, bonding layer, bituminous surface treatment, bituminous penetration pavement, fog seal and other projects of different grades of highway pavement. It can also be used for transportation of liquid asphalt or other heavy oil.The new generation of Dongfeng Tianjin is used as bearing chassis. The vehicle is environment-friendly, fuel-efficient, oil saving, safe, comfortable, reliable and powerful;Asphalt storage tank is covered with insulation cotton and inside wall is coated with high temperature insulation coatings (the only one in China). The heat preservation effect is better and more lasting;High power diesel engine is used as auxiliary power. The performance is more reliable and it is safer to use;The spreading process is monitored by computer. And according to the real-time speed, the hydraulic flow is adjusted, which ensures spreading accuracy;Large-screen touch LCD human-machine interface, menu operation, Chinese and English language selection, and man-machine communication are more friendly. It is easier to operate.Temperature control module always monitors temperature of heat conduction oil. Danger caused by high temperature and overheating of heat conduction oil can be avoided. It is safer;PTO power take-off method is used. Zero distance spraying can be realized.Three overlapping spraying ensures more uniform spreading with higher precision.Main Technical Parameter Of The Asphalt DistributorMass parameter:Kerb Weight(kg)8900Total Weight(kg)16000Rated loading Weight(kg)7100Dimension(mm)8995×2490×3160Chassis Parameter:Chassis ModelDFL1160BX7ATyre model9.00R20Wheelbase (mm)5000Tread mm1815/1800Front Overhang(mm)1430Rear Overhang(mm)2565Approach angle、Departure angle 20°/11.3°Minimum Ground Clearance (mm)250Engine parameter:Engine modelEQH160-30ManufacturerDongFeng Motor Co., LTDMax. Power(kw)118/2400Max. Torque(N.m)550/1300-1800FuelDieselDisplacement(ml)4752Spray specification:Tank Capacity(m³)8Spray width6000mmHydraulic pump modelCBQ-F550AFHLSpray Value0.5-3.0(Kg)Hydraulic motorL2F63W2P2(Liyuan)Insulation Thickness50mmControllerZM-3DNozzles 39BurnerG20(Riello)Asphalt pumpQCB450Generator(Converter)YGBT2500Other parameter:Max. truck speed(km/h)95Max. Grade ability>23%Spring films(Front/Rear) 11/10+10Minimum turning diameter (m)18.4Axis No.2(4*2) CASE

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