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Standard Ground Mouth Filled Type Distilling Cylinder With Helix

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Product Description
5049.Distilling cylinder, filled type, with helix, standard ground mouthProduct descriptionDistillation is one of the most common ways of separation and purification, and distilling head is one of the auxiliary equipment in the experiment. This is one kind with helix and standard ground mouth. This condenser tube can be used to connected with two pipes. There are 13 sizes available: 10.10.10 distilling cylinder, 14.14.14 distilling cylinder, 14.19.19 distilling cylinder, 14.24.19 distilling cylinder, 14.24.24 distilling cylinder, 14.29.24 distilling cylinder, 14.29.29 distilling cylinder, 14.34.24 distilling cylinder, 19.19.19 distilling cylinder, 19.24.24 distilling cylinder, 19.29.29 distilling cylinder, 24.24.24 distilling cylinder, 29.29.29 distilling cylinder, Bullet points/advantages: 1. Clear glass2. Thirteen sizes available3. With high qualityColor : ClearMaterial: glassSpecificationUpper ground mouthLower ground mouthOblique ground stopper10/1910/1910/1914/2314/2314/2314/2319/2619/2614/2324/2919/2614/2324/2924/2914/2329/3224/2914/2329/3229/3214/2334/3524/2919/2619/2619/2619/2324/2924/2919/2329/3229/3224/2924/3524/2929/3229/3229/32

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