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Standard Hopper Dryer

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Product Description
●Material contact parts are made of stainless steel.●Precise die cast aluminum housing with smooth surface and good heat preservation.●Adopted low noise blower, and the optional air filter ensures material purity.●Proportional deviation display thermostat controls temperature accurately.●Material tank is installed with glass for inspection.●Curved heating cylinder is designed to avoid powder jam and overheat.●Hopper is designed for easy opening, suitable for all robots.●High-temperature model is available for 50-800kg with double-walled hopper tank, stainless steel heating cylinder and finned heater.Upper and lower stainless steel screen.Surface is round and smooth, easy to clean and maintenance.ModelCapacity (kg)Heating (kW)Blower (W)Power (V)Dimension (cm)Base Size (cm)Net Weight (kg)WSDB-12121.650380/3Ф64×44×7611×11×Ф422WSDB-25253.0122380/3Ф76×50×10416×16×Ф6.234WSDB-50504.5157380/3Ф87×54×12116×16×Ф745WSDB-75756.5246380/3Ф94×60×13116×16×Ф756WSDB-1001006.5246380/3Ф101×70×14118×18×Ф868WSDB-1501509350380/3Ф110×74×17020×20×Ф8.878WSDB-20020012350380/3Ф118×84×17623×23×Ф11.5110WSDB-30030015400380/3Ф142×100×18327.5×27.5×Ф12152WSDB-40040015400380/3Ф148×106×20227.5×27.5×Ф12170WSDB-600600201000380/3Ф158×116×24028×28×Ф13.5280WSDB-800800302200380/3Ф177×118×25428×28×Ф13.5380Note: The capacity of hopper is based on PA-6 granula.We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice

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