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Steel Structure School

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1. Brief:"The volume of steel structure building" marks a country or a region's economic strength and economic development level.Since 2000, the remarkable growth of the national economy in our country, the national strength enhanced markedly, steel production as a world power, put forward to in the construction of "positive and reasonable steel",steel structure building in economically developed areas.Steel structural school is composed of steel material structure, is one of the main building structure type.Steel structure university with green environmental protection,energy conservation and emissions reduction and recycling economy policy, the industrialization, standardization of products of steel structure residence has a broad and unlimited market space.2. Freature of SteelStructure school: 1. The steel structure weight is lighter2. The working reliability of the steel structure is higher3. Steel (earthquake) of vibration resistance, good impact resistance4. The steel structure manufacture high degree of industrialization5. The steel structure can be quickly and accurate assembly6. Steel structure and interior space7. Easy to seal structure8. The steel structure is easy to corrosion9. The steel structure fire resistance is poor10. The steel structure can be recycled11. Steel structure construction period is shorter3. Technical Parameters of SteelStructural homes:3.1. Main Steel Structure: Use build-up steel column, welded H-beam steel3.2. Purlin: C/Z-type steel3.3. Roop panel: Single steel sheet or sandwich panel3.4. Wall panel: The same to roof panel3.5. Tie bar: Welded-round tube3.6. Brace: Round steel3.7. Column brace and lateral brace: Angle steel3.8. Crane: 3T-30T3.9. Angle brace: Hot-rolled angle steel3.10. Edge: Color plate3.11. Gutter: Stainless steel3.12. Down pipe: PVC Pipe3.13. Door: Sandwich-panel door or Rolling door3.14. Window: Aluminum alloy window or PVC window Steelfashion Industrial is one of the leading and professional steel structure school manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our company enjoys strong reputation both in home and abroad for its high quality and duarable products. Now, we have steel structure school for sale, please seize the opportunity to get some with our factory.

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