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Stockinette:Use a woven stockinette under casts and splints to increase patient comfort, secure bandages in place, decrease the risk of pressure sores and skin maceration, or add a layer of anti-microbial and odor-reducing protection. The soft cotton weave is breathable and stretches easily over the affected anatomy, bandages, and dressings. Available in a variety of sizes, the stockinet can be used on either the torso or extremities, providing an appropriate amount of compression without causing discomfort.Product benefit:1.Softness, comfort and easy to apply2.Protect skin from friction under plaster casts3.Helps to protect bedding and clothing from dermatological preparations4.Quality and quantity Stability, and Price reasonableProductDescriptionSizeQtyH2- TB2"  Stockinette2" width1 Roll/BOXH3- TB3"  Stockinette3" width1 Roll/BOXH4- TB4"  Stockinette4" width1 Roll/BOXH6- TB6"  Stockinette6" width1 Roll/BOXH8- TB8"  Stockinette8" width1 Roll/BOXH10-TB10" Stockinette10" width1 Roll/BOX

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