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Stone Cnc With Raised Gantry

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Product Description
YS-1325 Marble Stone CNC router with raised gantry. The size of Z axis can raised to from 300mm to 600mm. Apply to industry and materials  Stoneworks: 3D/2D engraving, Embossment, Line engraving Cutting, Edge inversing, Drilling on Natural stones, Granites, Artifical stones, Tombstones, Milestones, Ceramic, etcFunctional Characteristics    Lathe bed welded with thick channel steels and square tubes;Processed by high temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief(VSR) to reduce residual stress,good stability,no deformation.  High-speed water cooling spindle and high performance subdivision driver ensure to work stably for long time.  With water tank and double water cooling system,high efficient works.  Special 3axis dust-proof system,protect guides and higher efficiency.  With practical and easily-learned software,can conveniently check the moving path of tool,and adjust the processing depth of Z axis and the speed of motor.  Performance Index ModelNOYS-1325 Marble /Stone cnc router with rotary gantryX,Y,Z Axis working area1300mm*2500mm*(300-600)mmTable structureAluminum T-slotX Y transmissionRack GearZ TransmissionGerman Neef Ball ScrewsX Y Z guide railTAIWAN HINWIN Square railSpindle power3.0kw ( 4.5kw water cooling optional)Max Spindle speed24000r/minMax traveling speed25m/sMax. working Speed18m/sProcessing Accuracy±0.025mmReposition Accuracy≤0.025mmDriving systemStepper motorCommand languageHPGL, G codeOperation systemNCSTUDIOWorking voltageAC380V /50HZInterfaceUSBPower(not include spindle)1840WNet weight/Gross weight1800KGS /2000KGSPackage dimension3400*2200*1540mmYS CNC router optional accessories:Working tableSpindle (0-9.0KW)SystemZ axis sizeDriver and motorRotary axis diameterT slotvacuumHQDHSDNc-studio March 3 DSP0-23.6inch      0-600mmStepper or servo0-19.6inch      0-500mm YS cnc router model  Process areaWorking area(inch/mm)Max working speedTravel speed X(inch/mm)Y(inch/mm)Z(inch/mm)YS 404015.715.75.915.7*15.7787inch/s     20m/min984inch/s      25m/min400400150400*400YS 606023.623.65.923.6*23.6600600150600*600YS 609023.635.45.923.6*35.4600900150600*900mmYS 121247.247.27.847.2*47.2120012002001200*1200YS 122447.294.47.847.2*94.4120024002001200*2400YS 132551987.851*98130025002001300*2500YS 1530591187.859*118150030002001500*3000YS 203078.71187.878.7*118200030002002000*300YS 204078.7157.47.878.7*157.4200040002002000*4000mm

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