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Stone Crystal Pad

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Product Description
1. These tools are the best product for crystallization, enhanced brightness, resist wear, resist water vapor, anti pollution, non-slip. 2. With six advantages of grinding, polishing, crystallization, protection, non-slip and cleaning simultaneously. 3. Save time, save equipment, save materials, save labor and save troublesome. 4. Specially used for Granite, Marble, Artificial stones, limestone, concrete and terrazzo. Attention: Crystallization conversion will have little resistance. Construction method: 1.Used with small equipment (floor polisher, potable grinder, angle grinder .etc.) 2.With little water when grinding and polishing, polishing dry when crystallization. 3.Daily maintenance need little water and crystal pad, polish dry to achieve crystallization and protection effect. 4.Without any chemical agent. Features: 1.Environmental protection: without any polishing pad, polishing powder, crystallization agent. 2.The cost will be lower than traditional technology, effect is better. 3.Polishing pads are unnecessary for polishing stones.

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