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Straight Tungsten Wire

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Baoji Shengyuan Metal Material Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China straight tungsten wire manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with a professional factory and company, welcome to wholesale quality straight tungsten wire products from us.straight tungsten wire:Dia:Dia.1- Dia.2    Size:1-2mmtungsten wire in roll:Dia:Dia.0.1- Dia.3   Tungsten Wire ApplicationsTungsten wire are used to make filaments of incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and halogen lamps, electrodes of HID lamps, heating components, vacuum metalizing coils, and TIG welding electrodes.Product Specifications NameType Doped element       content  W%     DiameterUsageTungsten wireW1≥99.95  Φ0.40~1.80For high temperature andshaking resistive lamp,Double-spiral lamp wire ,fluorescence lamp,nomal lamp filament.WAl1≥99.95Φ0.012~1.80WAl2≥99.95 Φ0.012~1.80    Cleaned Tungsten wireWAl1≥99.95      Produce according to the   demands of      customer Used in electric vacuum and electric lightsource,electron tube ,car lamp series,halogen lamp,special lamp.WAl2≥99.95Sizes and Tolerances    Diameter       (μm)            Weight      (mg/200mm)200mm Weight Tolerance (%)Diameter Tolerance (%)Grade 0Grade ⅠGrade ⅡGrade ⅠGrade Ⅱ80.19±3.0±4.0±5.0—140.59±2.5±3.0±4.0—180.98±2.0±2.5±3.0—404.85±1.5±2.0±2.5—8019.39±1.0±1.5±2.0—300272.71 —±1.0±1.5—350——±1.5±2.0d>500——±1.0±1.5 Note: Size and tolerances could be custom-made.Properties and Characteristics High temperature property: According to the specific applications, high temperature property requirements are categorized.Diameter consistency: Weight deviation of two consecutive 200mm wire pieces is less than 0.5% of nominal value.Straightness: Regular tungsten wire: In accordance with customers’ requirements.Straightened tungsten wire: For the tungsten wire thinner than 100μm, vertical height of 500mm freely suspended wire should not be less than 450mm; For the tungsten wire at or thicker than 100μm, the maximum arc height between two pints with distance of 100mm is 10mm.Surface conditions: Smooth surface, free of splits, burrs, cracks, dents, dots, grease contamination.Coilability: No splits or breaks during coiling process.Piece weight: Up to 5kgs for fine tungsten wire, 10kgs for heavy tungsten wire.Conditions of Finished ProductsTungsten wires are available in the following conditionsCodeConditions of Finished             ProductsCodeConditions of Finished              ProductsCode          Conditions of Finished                    ProductsCChemical CleanedDSDrawn+ StraightenedEHSElectrolytic Polished+ Annealed+ StraightenedCSChemical Cleaned + StraightenedEElectrolytic PolishedESElectrolytic Polished+ StraightenedDDrawnEHElectrolytic Polished+ AnnealedHAnnealedPayment  1)You may pay by PayPal /Western Union or T/T;2)30% deposit and 70% balance for large order quantity.Shipping1)Delivered by DHL, EMS, UPS, FedEx, TNT or HK air mail .2)3-7 working days delivery after payment3)Proper lower customs value is accepted to write on commercial invoice to avoid paying import tax for buyer.4)Offer the tracking number to customers

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