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Straight Warp Conveyor Belt

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Product Description
Application: Single-ply Belting possesses a unique straight-warp carcass , unlike Conventional crimp weave fabrics. The carcass developed is a total departure from the traditional plies belt concept and constructions. it is designed to carry a large capacity of material and hasa Superior endurance performance in rugged environment. Features: The synthetic fibers yield a higher unit strength and exceptional to abrasion , cutting and snagging . The construction of sing-ply increases resistance to flexural fatigue and impacts . lts trough ability is much better than a normal fabric . lt provides high-carrying capacity and very low stretch . The elongation is approx . 0% at 10% load , hence the belt can be used for long distance conveyor line . Single-Ply Straight Warp Fabric : Tension Rating (PIW)175220280330440Fabric TypeSW315SW400SW500SW630SW800Approx. Carcass Gauge0.098 in.0.100 in.0.110 in.0.118 in.0.142 in.

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