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Strand Woven Bamboo Bswcl-nb

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Description: Carbonized with Newbark ColorProduct Code: BSWCL-NBSpecification: T12xW120/125xL1850mmStructure: Strand woven bambooStrand Woven Bamboo FlooringDasso SWB is a high quality Strand Woven Bamboo floor. The 5G click connecting system on the solid and makes for a simple process when installing. The array of color options provides the capability to integrate a green environmentally friendly floor into any design motif. Because the product is so extremely dense, it affords a long lasting and durable floor that can resist high traffic wear in residential and light commercial.o Hardness:≥9,5kg/mm2(EN1534)o UseClass:Class1(EN335)o Density:+/-1050kg/m3o Emissionformaldehyde:lessthan0.124mg/m3(E1norm)(EN717-1)o Numberoflayersoflacquer:11o name,quantity&specificationoflacquer/glue/oil&waxusedforallproducts-Confidential

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