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Detailed Description On Parameter Index of Street Light PoleThe lamp post height is 5-15M, one-timely molded by large bending machine for the main pole and its thickness is 2.5-6mm. In addition, specific appearance and size are customized according to user’s requirements.Texture: the light post adopts Q235A low silicon carbon steel with high quality (therein Si≤0.04%,yield strength>245Mpa); the material meets the executive standard: GB699-88Welding process: anywhere of the whole post should be no cracks, no lack welding, no continuous porous and no undercut. In addition, welds should be smooth, no lumps and bumps, no any welding defect and welding crack detection report should be provided. The welding criteria is carried out according to: GB/T3323一1989III. Security standard meets the requirements of national criteria: GB7000.1一7000.5一1996.Electrical Doora. The electrical door adopts plasma cutting.B. The electrical door and lamp body are formed an integrated mass, lug boss is not welded at the opening and the structure has high strength.C. It has reasonable operating space, electrical installing fittings are in the door.D. The space between door and pole should not be over 1mm, having great function of water proof.E. It has special fastening systems with perfect performance of guard against theft. Its fixing bolt is opened with tools which are non-universal and especially made. F. The electrical door, which is with reasonable operating space inside, should be highly interchangeable and equipped with 3% accessories.G. One M8x30 bolt, which will be hot-dip galvanized together with light post, is tightly welded at a visible place-- the bottom left inside the pole’s working door to connect with PE wire of the cable. Hot-Dip Galvanized Process: it should be dipped in hot acid, the inside and outside surfaces should be treated with corrosion prevention, thickness ≥75um, meeting GB-/ T13912-92 standard. The designed service life is not less than 30 years, galvanized surface should be smooth and elegant, the colors are basically the same and no peeling and flaking after hammering tests. In addition, the testing report of galvanization should be provided.Spraying Process: The spraying should adopt outdoor pure polyester molding powder, white color, the plastic layer has stable quality, no fading in color and no peeling. It has strong adhesion, and resistance to intense ultra violet radiation from the sun. In addition, it is mainly applied to lake cities and key salinity areas. The designed service life is not less than 30 years, thickness ≥80um, meet ASTMD3359-83 standard. Inspection report of spraying should also be supplied. Requirements for spraying protection: the film thickness is not less than 40um and with high adhesion. There is no peeling with scratch by knife--- 15*6mm square. The surface is smooth and colors are basically the same. Design CapacityA. According to the requirements on bearing corresponding wind speed, the stress calculation sheet of the post, which is made according to its profile diagram, will be supplied.b.The strength of formed square steel and surface structure, which is used for the lamp body, should meet corresponding national standards.C. Sealing the lamp pole and its top should also be packed to avoid moisture.Verticality Inspection: After the post is set straight, the verticality between post and horizontal will be inspected by a theodolite and it should be≤2‰.The post impression: the shape and size should meet requirements, the whole body appearance is elegant and colors are even. The galvanized surface is smooth and plastic layer has strong adhesion to avoid peeling. All fixing bolts and nuts adopt stainless steel. (Except for foundation bolts and nuts)The threading of cable inside the post is unimpeded. There are no pointed edge, raw edge, tooth as well as similar conditions to avoid damaging the cable.The light post meets the requirements on lightening protection and grounding; surrounding temperature: -15-50℃; ambient wind speed: 40m/s; earthquake resistance class: category 8; anti-corrosion grade: 30 years.

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