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Structural Steel Pipe

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on account of some urgent situations such as some matters about products, it is necessary that the matters should be solved at the earliest opportunities. We can ensure that our salesmen can respond to you within 24 hours and it is obvious that our reply is timely. So if you have any questions, you can contact with us at your convenience, we are always keeping company with our customers in need. An idea infused with the convictions that customers are put on the first place is born in our mind at the setting up of our company. In a word, we are online awaiting your questions.

we can offer a great variety of post processing services for your reference such as galvanizing, oiled, painted, powder coated as well as plastic-coated pipe. As steel pipe is widely used in different situations, further processing is necessary. For steel pipe with plain end that is in the rough, it can form threaded on both ends, one with socket, the other with cap by deep processing. There are some other steel pipe ends for use such as beveled, swaged end, enlarged end and flattened end as well. If you have more advice or details about further processing of steel pipe, we will exert great effort to meet you.

in mention of packing, we can offer a variety of methods for you to choose. Such is the fact , it is up to you about the number of steel pipes in a bundle. That is to say pieces of steel pipe are not fixed. Moreover, you can present your proposals about packing in order to make unloading easier. By the way, on the part of round steel pipe, the packing choice is limited. The bundle shape of round steel pipe is confined to hexagon, which is beneficial to loading and discharging products. In a word, we can negotiate all the details with you about packing and other matters.

our professional foreign trade team consists of many sophisticated employees such as merchandisers, purchasers, product developers and designers, technology expert, etc. All these members can ensure that every procedure from beginning to the end of customer orders is consistent with quality standard. At first, our customer-service officer will give you a hand with ebullience as long as receiving your questions. Then, our salesmen with know-how will contact with you to introduce properties and other details of our products. Once order is placed, the production and documents for transportation are under the control of relevant employees. What you worry about is not necessary in the overall procedures. 

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