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Structure "Ankar-Otbelivatel" Marka-A

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Product Description
APPOINTMENT The structure is intended for superficial clarification of poorly struck wooden designs of the darkened as a result of influence derevookrashivayushchy and mold mushrooms, and also influence of atmospheric and temporary factors. Structure application on concrete, a brick, a tile, a tile for the purpose of removal from a surface of a mold, a fungus, algas and lichens is allowed. KEY ADVANTAGES • Quickly and effectively clarifies the darkened wood • Doesn't make harmful effects on people and animals • Doesn't worsen durability, a skleivayemost and colourability of wood • Significantly bleaching when sharing "marki-A" and "marki-B" improves EXPENSE Depending on extent of defeat of wood it is necessary to provide an expense from 250 to 450 g/m2. After clarification wood should be washed out water and to dry. In order to avoid repeated defeat wood is recommended to be processed bioprotective structure of "Komponent-B" (for further operation in rooms) or bioprotective structure "Ankar" (for further operation outside of rooms). PACKING Plastic canister: 5, 10 kg.

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