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Structure Fireproof "NEGORIN-TKAN"

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APPOINTMENT The structure fireproof represents water solution of fire-retarding agents and target additives. The structure is ready to application and dilution isn't subject. It is intended for fireproof processing of natural textile fabrics (without pile) for the purpose of receiving flame-resistant fabric according to GOST P 50810-95 (items 5.1, 5.2, 5.4). The structure not àòìîñôåðîóñòîé÷èâ also can be applied in the conditions of the closed, dry, ventilated rooms with relative humidity of air no more than 70%. Doesn't change color, drawing and fabric durability. KEY ADVANTAGES • The processed fabric has no smell • Doesn't change color, drawing and fabric durability • Doesn't form âûñîëû on the processed fabric • Provides classification of fabrics as flame-resistant • Doesn't make harmful effects on people and animals EXPENSE For receiving flame-resistant fabric it is necessary to provide a structure expense not less than 250 g/m2 from two parties before full impregnation. The ironing of fabric is admissible only dry, ironing temperature no more than +90 0C. WARRANTY PERIOD of OPERATION of a covering of 3 years from the date of drawing, at observance of conditions of quality of drawing and operation. After washing of fabric repeated processing is necessary. PACKING Plastic canister: 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg.

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