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Structure Ognebiozashchitny "NEGORIN-MS-D"

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APPOINTMENT The structure is intended for protection of internal wooden designs (the chopped and rounded logs, a glued bar, rafters, beams, a log, bars è.ò.ä. ) from ignition, distribution of a flame and biodamages by mold and derevookrashivayushchy mushrooms. It is delivered in the working (liquid) and concentrated (liquid) look. The concentrate gets divorced water in the ratio 1: 14,5 . Density of the prepared working structure has to make 0,9 – 1,03 g/cm3. KEY ADVANTAGES • Fire protection + Biozashchita • It is delivered in the concentrated and working (liquid) look • Doesn't interfere with natural breath of wood • It is ecologically safe, explosion-proof • Doesn't make harmful effects on people and animals EXPENSE For achievement of 2 groups of fireproof efficiency, it is necessary to provide a structure expense in number of not less than 500 g/m2, without losses. WARRANTY PERIOD of OPERATION of a covering of 3 years from the date of drawing, at observance of conditions of drawing and covering operation. PACKING Plastic canister: 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg.

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