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Structure Protective "Ankar"

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APPOINTMENT The structure is intended for protection of wood and products from it from the mold and painting mushrooms causing processes of rotting and biodamages, for decorative coloring of wood (including under valuable breeds of wood). The structure can be applied as inside, and outside of rooms. The structure ãîðþ÷ that is explained by existence in its composition of easily flying solvent. KEY ADVANTAGES • For external and internal works • Protects wood from derevorazrushayushchy mushrooms • Provides long-term protection • Êîëåðóåòñÿ under valuable breeds of wood • Doesn't make harmful effects on people and animals EXPENSE Drawing structure protective at an expense not less than 300 g/m2, without losses, provides reliable and long-term protection of wood. WARRANTY PERIOD of OPERATION of a covering of 5 years from the date of drawing, at observance of conditions of quality of drawing and operation. PACKING Tin bucket: 4 kg, 8 kg, 17 kg.

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