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Sublimation Ink Yellow

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SUBLIMATION INK TRANSFER SERIESGarment printing, cloth printing and dyeing, light industry products (shoes, hats, boxes, bags, umbrellas, ties) printing, garment accessories, ribbon, printing and other areas of expertise.Advertising ,display, photography, craft gifts, window cloth, ceramics, metal printing and other industries.Use the methods and precautionsThe printing process just needs 3 steps (1)Design the picture of PS plate on Computer,then Print the image on the paper with our ink via the offset machine.(2)Put the printed paper on substrate, such as polyester and nylon fabric.  (3)Put the paper and fabric on the heat-transfer machine. When the temperature reaches 180-220°C, heat press 15-30 seconds,then the image will be transferred from paper onto the substrate.The following is the transfer printing parameters for your reference.Aluminum plate, stainless steel, copper and porcelain coated, the thermal transfer the desired temperature can refer to the temperature of the polyester fabric.Color:cyan ,magenta ,yellow,black,fluorescent magenta and yellowPacking way :1kg/can ,12kg/carton, gross weight 14.2kg/carton, carton size:0.43*0.3*0.2Name of fabricTransfer temperaturepressureTimePolyester fabric205℃~220℃0.5kg/cm210~3 secondsPolyester deformation fabric low elastic195℃~205℃0.5kg/cm23 secondsTriacetate fabrics190℃~200℃0.5kg/cm230~4 secondsNylon fabric195℃~205℃0.5kg/cm230~4 secondsAcrylic fabric200℃~210℃0.5kg/cm23 secondsTwo acetate fiber fabric185℃0.5kg/cm215~2 secondsPolypropylene nitrile190℃~220℃0.5kg/cm210~15 seconds

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