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Sublimation Offset Ink Black

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Product Description
Transfer Printing Offset SeriesSublimation inks are designed to apply a mirror image onto paper for transfer to the final substrate. The prints are transferred via heat and pressure onto most polyester or synthetic materials. When first printed onto paper, sublimation inks appear to be weaker and duller than standard inks, however when transferred onto suitable substrates, the dyes develop their true color strength and brilliance.Package:1kg/tin or 2kg/tin.Shelf life & Keeping Condition: Shelf life: 3 year from production data.Store:avoid sunlight and sealnormal color:CMYKNormal packing:1kg/can,12cans/carton               2kg/can,6can/cartonHeat transfer time:15-30 secondsHeat temperature:180-220℃Shipping time: 1-3 working days after received your payment.

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