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Submerged-arc Furnace, Ferroalloy Refining Furnace Dust Removal Equipment

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Smelting categories: noProduction: noPower consumption: noDetailed description:Design goals:1.The concentration of flue gas emission< 50 mg/Nm3. System dust removal efficiency > 99.8%.2.The recovery rate of dust is high.3.Have save investment,Website:, reasonable structure, easy maintenance and low operating cost.Low pressure pulse dust removal systemPulse ash removal way bag filter applied in ferroalloy submerged-arc furnace, is a kind of new dust removal technology and overcome the disadvantages of  traditional pressure filter separator, such as large investment, bulky equipment, low ash removal effect and high defect of equipment operation resistance.Features:1.Save the investment and cover a small area. The equipment uses a kind of new composite filter material, compared with glass fiber filter material, whose abrasion resistance, folding resistance and peel strength are significantly increased. It not only has the ability of resisting high temperature, but also can improve the filtering speed, which is the double of glass fiber filter material. Accordingly to reduce the area of dust collector filter, it is half area of glass fiber bag equipment, which is lighter in weight and it can reduce the investment cost and reduce the area.2.The effect of soot cleaning is good, and it is a key factor in the use of dust collector. This equipment adopts large diameter submerged pass-through pulse valve, with small blowing resistance, low air pressure. The injection pressure can reach to 2000 pa when clearing ash, so it can clean ash thoroughly and the effect is good.3.Maintenance is convenient. This equipment adopts the structure of upper opening, this is to say, opening the upper cover can be pulled out in bag filter bag framework. The service life of filter bag is18 to 24 months and glass fiber filter material is 8 to 12 months, so it is commonly relatively extended the maintenance cycle, and the operation cost is relatively reduced.4.Using negative pressure type of dust removal system, and its main fan is in clean air environment, without having to clean and maintain the main fan blades, and the fan operation is relatively stable.The main equipment:Dust collector is made up by dust chamber, filter unit, gas storage bag, electromagnetic pulse valve, the pulse control meter, air chamber, ash hopper, steel net platform, etc.

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