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Sucker Rod

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Product Description
Sucker RodThe Sucker Rod is a slender rod, it is connected with the polished rod and well pump, and play the role of power transmission. Grade: C, D, K, KD, HL, HY and KH.Products range: Sucker Rod and Pony RodSucker Rod CouplingPolished RodSuper-high strength sucker rodSinker BarCentralized sucker rodFeatures: High strength, good toughness, smooth surface, long service period.Technical Parameters -- Sucker RodGradeCKDKDHLHYKH MaterialAISI 1526AISI 4621AISI 4119AISI 3130AISI 4130AISI 4130AISI 4330If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by

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