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Sulphur Black 200%

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Product Description

Product introduction
Sulphur black can be classified as BR (Bluish-Reddish) and B(Bluish)by their different tones, and the tone and quality can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements.
Appearance: Flashing black flakes or granules
Sulphur black is insoluble in water or ethanol, it appears as green-black in the solution of sodium sulfide, appears bluish when put caustic soda in the solution of sulphur black, and appears greenish precipitate with hydrochloric acid
It's miniature soluble in cold sulfuric acid, turns to greenish blue precipitate after it's warmer, then turns to black-blue when keeps heating. Sulphur dyes have good dye-uptake and level dyeing.
Detail technical data
Color Index NO.:C.I. SulphurBlack1 (53185)
Strength (Percent of the standard):100%
Shade (As the standard):Approximate
Insoluble matter in sodium sulfide(%)≤ 0.5
Harmful aromatic amines (mg/kg):Up to standard of GB 19601
Heavy metal element (mg/kg):Up to standard of GB 20814

Calcium hypochlorite 70% granular sodium process ( sodium method )
Appearance: white or light-grey granular or powder or tablets
Style: White Powder, Granular, Tablet
Granular: 14-50mesh 
Tablet : 0.5g,1g,3g,5g,15g,20g,30g,50g,150g,200g,250g,500 g
 Chemical Formular: Ca(ClO)2
CAS NO: 7778-54-3
IMDG: 5.1    UN NO: 2880    PG:II
HS Code: 2828.1000
 With bleaching and sterilizing functions,it can be used as disinfectant and algaecide in
 A.potable water and swimming pools
 B.for the sanitation and hygiene of families and public places,
 C.Whiten cotton,hemp,fibre and starch
 D.used as germicide in food indusrty

SpecificationCAL-HYPO 65%CAL-HYPO 70%
Available chlorine %66.1min%71.8min%
Moisture %5.5-105.5-10
Density g/ml1.0-1.11.0-1.1
Insolubility %5.0max3.0max
CaCO3 %3max3max
Ca(OH)2 %2max2max
CaCL2 %2max2max
NaCL %14-2012-16
MgCL2 %0.01max0.01max
Fe2O3 %0.001max0.001max
Al2O3 %0.0001max0.0001max                               


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