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Sunlike Deep Cycle Front Terminal Battery 12v200ah For Telecom

Product Description

Sunlike Deep Cycle Front Terminal Battery 12V200ah for Telecom

Telecom long life battery
Front access terminal design
Stability, dependability and reliability
19" & 23" relay rack

Model: FST12-100.
Warranty: 3 years.
Expected cycle life:10-12 years.
Delivery: 20 days.
Certificates: CE, ISO9001, ISO14100, IEC
Supply ablity: 100000pcs/month.
Packing details: batteries in cartons, pallet packing with wooden pallet.


1. Communication Systems: Switch, Microwave Stations, Mobile Base Stations, Data Centers, Radio and Broadcasting Stations
2. Motivity Field: Robots, Electric Toys, Electric Tools & Portable Vacuum Cleaners
3. Solar & Wind Power Generation Systems
4. Signal System & Emergency Lighting Systems
5. EPS & UPS Systems


SUNLIKE Batteries Advantage:
1. The battery is full of power when it's out of factory, no need to use liquid charge; 
2. No memory, no need to discharge battery use, suitable for circuit design; 
3. By high partition, adsorption and strong; 
4. There is no flowing liquid (poor liquid), does not leak acid and free Upside down, 
5. Comply with environmental requirements, ease of use, 
6. The use of lead-calcium alloys, battery self-discharge is very low, 
7. Easy storage, less maintenance; 
8. Using ABS plastic shell and valve technology for safe use.

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