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Super Hydrophilic Nano Self Cleaning Coating For Car Glass Building Walls

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Jiangyin Yangfan Ship Trading Co.,Ltd is one of the best super hydrophilic nano self cleaning coating for car glass building walls manufacturers and suppliers in China, you can get super hydrophilic nano self cleaning coating for car glass building walls free sample and buy discount products from our factory.Basic InfoModel NO.:ZXL-CQSAppearance:LiquidMain Raw Material:Nano OxideMethod:SprayLevel:Finish CoatCertification:SGS RoHS ISO9001Substrate:Glass/Textile Ceramic, Plastic Solar PV Panels DayUse:Car Glass/Mirror/Building Walls/Bathroom GlassTrademark:ZIXILAISpecification:1L/bottleOrigin:Laiyang ZXL-CQS Nano Self-Cleaning Coatings ( super-hydrophilic )IntroductionZXL-CQS Nano Self-Cleaning Coatings ( super-hydrophilic ) is a stable colorless transparent compounds dispersed in water, it adopts nano TiO2 Hydrophilic performance and after the special surface modification technology treatments. This coatings spray or DIP-coating at normal temperatures and Drying & Curing 10 minutes (To ensure the firmness can extend the dry time as far as possible, no need heating or sun exposure dry processing). The treated objects surface will form A layer of high density, solid nanometer TiO2 Hydrophilic transparent film. As the contact angel between water and TiO2 coatings < 5° , it will make the dust of the treated surface down by the gravity of the water film, and bring the dust and dirt and play the role of anti-forg. The contact angel between normal glasses and water is 30-40 degree. So the glasses are easy to form a drop and difficult to slide, and during the process of water drying it will easier to adsorb dust and form dirt. This type of Nano Self-Cleaning Coatings solves the problem reasonable. Besides the self-cleaning function, Nano TiO2 also has the function of photocatalytic degradation of organic matter, suppress and kill bacteria, mould and virus. Under the sunlight Nano TiO2 will produce superoxide hydroxyl radicals and decompose harmful organic pollutants in the air into harmless CO2 and H2O. Detailed Product Description1. Super Hydrophilic self-cleaning function. 2. Photocatalytic funcation. Decompose organics, Anti-virus, Anti-bacterial, Anti-midew&Clean air. 3. Anti-dust&Anti-static, self cleaning. 4. Anti glare, make glass shine and bright. 5. Anti UV funcation. Enjoying sunshine, refusing UV. 6. Colorless & Transparent nano coating. 7. Anti-Aging & Long service time, coating can last more than3-5 years. 8. Excellent scratch resistance & High abrasion resistance. 8-9H9. Large coverage area: 60-80 squaremeters/L. 10. Non-toxic, harmless green environmentally friendly product. 11. Use very easily. Spray at normal temperature and pressure. No need Heating, Natural drying 10-20 minutes. Feature1. Super Hydrophilic self-cleaning function. 2. Decompose organics3. Anti- forgAdvantages1. Save the charges of cleaning2. Save the washing agent3. Reduce the security risk of cleaning at heights4. Solve the facade building metope and the roof cleaning problems5. Spray at normal temperature and pressure, easier to use. 6. Products with a long service life, stable performance. After spray last more than 3-5 years. 7. Excellent scratch resistance & High abrasion resistance. Application 1. The building's curtain wall glass, door window glass, decoration glass2. The car windscreen, car window glass, rearview mirror glass. 3. Textile Ceramic, plastic4. Solar PV panels daylighting glass5. Ceramic productsUsing methodSpraying or DIP-coating method1. The surface cleaning process: To clean the surface of glasses by water or ethanol. To ensure there's no water stain and visible particles, then spray it until dry. Spray method: Under 0.5 mm aperture spray, spray evenly. Coating Method: Please surround the glass around, then put the liquid into glass for two minutes, pour the spare liquid out and dry it in room temperature. DIP-coating method: Clean the glass first and then DIP in the liquid for 2 minutes and then uniform lift and dry. 2. The sprayed and dried film can be spray by water and remove the glare character. Notes1. Please keep away from fire as it is a nano self-cleaning coatings with alcohols and water2. Protection measures: Latex gloves, protective glasses, etc, if it splashed in the eyes, please wash with water immediatelyStorageUnder 0-20° C condition, avoid light and airtight storage. After use, please tight the bottle and keep away from fire.

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