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Surrounding Roller Driving Thickener

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Surrounding Roller Driving ThickenerIntroduction:Roller Driving Thickener is applied to the processing of the thickener concentrates and tailing dewatering, 20%-30% of the pulp is improved to about 40%-70%. Roller Driving Thickener actually is not a simple sedimentation device, but a new type of dewatering equipment combined with slurry filtration performance.Application´╝Ü It widely used in the metallurgical, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries.Features: 1. Add flocculent to increase the size of the sedimentation solid particles, thus speeding up the settling velocity. 2. Install the inclined plate to shorten the sedimentation distance of the mineral particle, and increase the sedimentation area. 3. High efficiency thickener plays an important role to the flocculation, filtering, compression of the slurry sedimentation layer and the high efficiency concentrator can improve the handling capacity. 4. High efficiency thickener is equipped with complete self-control facilities.ParametersModelConcentration tankSediment area(m2)The lifting height of rake(mm)Rake rotating speed(r/min)Motor Power(KW)Diameter(m)Depth(m)GNZ-332.5103000.1-0.23+1.1GNZ-663.0283000.1-0.24+1.5GNZ-993.2633000.1-0.24+1.5GNZ-12123.51103000.1-0.24+1.5GNZ-18184.42546000.1-0.27.5+2.2GNZ-20204.43106000.1-0.27.5+2.2GNZ-24245.24526000.05-0.27.5+2.2GNZ-30305.27076000.05-0.211+3GNZ-38385.511346000.05-0.215+4GNZ-45455.515906000.05-0.137+4GNZ-53536.022066000.05-0.137+4GNZ-60606.028266000.03-0.145+5.5GNZ-70706.838466000.02-0.0545+5.5GNZ-85857.856716000.02-0.0545+5.5

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