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Swinging Screen

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YBS swing sieve product introduction:Swing sieve is a highly efficient screening machine specially designed to meet the manufacturer needs of large production and high density screening. Focus your eyes on hands screening is the most simple screening. Swinging sieving machine is the mechanical simulation, and it is by far the most effective one to simulate the artificial screening exercise effective principle (screening accuracy, efficiency, life of screen mesh are 5 to 10 times than that of conventional circular sieve), complying with powder and particle material of all range of fine and ultra-fine, especially suitable for materials hard to process. It applies to sieving and grading of powder coating powder, powder, fine powder, like the micro powder, metal powder and nonmetal powder, plastic powder, additives, milk powder, soy, seasoning, xylitol, citric acid, protein, etc.YBS swing sieve product features:Screening for fine and ultra-fine powder, especially suitable for materials difficult to process1、High efficiency. Imitate artificial screening action and process effectively. Materials in the screen surface rendering gradually open spiral movement, material and sieve contact precisely, sieve accuracy reaching up to 90-95%!2、To protect the material. Soft rock screening has no damage on the original structure of wool particles and is not easy to generate static electricity. Screening is the best choice as for the inflammable and explosive materials as well as those are easy to produce static electricity. 3、Life is long. Vertical acceleration value of material particles is low, soft rock screen, so the screen is not easy to damage, which greatly extend the service life of screen mesh and other components.4、Clean and sanitation. Bounce the ball cleans surface, clean and sanitation, to ensure the continuity of screening; Fully enclosed operation, more environmentally friendly.5、Disassembly and assembly is convenient. Circular building block assembly structure, loading, simple. The discharging mouth can rotate 360 degrees.6、Low noise. Noise lowing to 75 dba, is one fifth of the vibrating screen and other screening equipmentYBS swing sieve product parametersitem specificationscreen face area      (㎡)screen surface layer number (n)occupied area(㎡)motive power (kw)screening efficiency(%)YBS 10000.681-5≥0.811.5≥95YBS 12001.101-5≥1.572.2≥95YBS 15001.761-5≥2.003.0≥95YBS 16001.801-5≥2.503.0≥95YBS 18002.541-5≥3.004.0≥95YBS 20002.901-5≥3.504.0≥95

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