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Sx2 Digital Muffle Furnace

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Features:  1300C High Temperature Muffle Furnace is mainly used for industrial and mining enterprises,Laboratories of ,R&D institution for the chemical analysis,physics assay and small steel fire heat treatment.    Product Details:  The Muffle furnace can be divided into electric stove wire muffle furnace, silicon carbide rod muffle furnace, silicon molybdenum rod muffle furnace which according to the heating element;,It can be divided into 900° C muffle furnace, 1000 ° C muffle furnace, 1200° C muffle furnace,1300° C muffle furnace, muffle furnace which according to rated temperature. 1300° C muffle furnace is heated by the silicon carbide rod.  Scope of Application:  The Muffle furnace is widely used in the inspection of drugs, medical sample pretreatment, small workpiece thermal processing for cement and building materials industry, as well as sample handling such as water quality analysis, environmental analysis, oil analysis, coal analysis.  Product Advantages:  The Muffle furnace adopts temperature controller with digital display, accurate temperature control, intuitive display, elegant appearance.  Technical Parameters:      ModelRated power(Kw)Voltage      (V)Rated temperature(℃)Size of workroom(mm)Sx2-2.5-102.52201000200*120*80Sx2-4-1042201000300*200*120Sx2-8-1083801000400*250*160Sx2-12-10123801000500*300*200Sx2-2.5-122.52201200200*120*80Sx2-5-1252201200300*200*120Sx2-10-12103801200400*250*160SX2-12-12123801200500*300*200SX2-4-1342201300250*150*120Sx2-6-1363801300250*150*100Sx2-8-1383801300500*200*180SX2-10-13103801300400*200*160

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