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Syngas Analyzer

Product Description

NDIR  Syngas Analyzer:

 Description: The instrument can be used for measurement of the concentration of CO ,CO2 ,CH4 ,H2 and O2 in sample gases simultaneously and also calculated heating value(caloric value ) automatically. Based on the NDIR and Thermal Conductivity Detector.

Application: Coal or biomass gasification, coal chemical process, heating treatment, steel making process such as blast furnace, Converter, Coking, Direct Iron Ore Smelting Reduction Process.

Features: --1. Adopt international advanced NDIR and TCD gas analysis technology.

--2. Can measure the concentration of CO ,CO2 ,CH4 ,H2 ,O2 simultaneously.

--3. Automatically calculated heating value,the unit can be switch on/off between Kcal/m⊃3; and Mj/m⊃3;.

--4.H2 reading is compensated for the interference effects of the CO ,CO2 ,CH4 measured.


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