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Taichi Weapons

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Weapons Variations of t'ai chi ch'uan involving weapons also exist such as taijijian. The weapons training and fencing applications employ:the jian, a straight double-edged sword, practiced as taijijian;the dao, a heavier curved saber, sometimes called a broadsword;the tieshan, a folding fan, also called shan and practiced as taijishan;the gun, a 2m long wooden staff and practiced as taijigun;the qiang, a 2m long spear or a 4m long lance.More exotic weapons still used by some traditional styles include:the large dadao and podao sabres;the ji, or halberd;the cane;the sheng biao, or rope dart;the sanjiegun, or three sectional staff;the feng huo lun, or wind and fire wheels;the lasso;the whip, chain whip and steel whip.

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