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Tantalum Sheet

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Baoji Shengyuan Metal Material Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China tantalum sheet manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with a professional factory and company, welcome to wholesale quality tantalum sheet products from us.Tantalum SheetTantalum sheet and Tantalum alloy sheet (Ta,Ta-2.5W,Ta-10W,Ta-3Nb,Ta-40Nb)Grade: RO5200,RO5400,RO5252(Ta-2.5W),RO5255(Ta-10W)Purity: 99.95%,99.99%Standard:ASTM B 708SpecificationsThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Foil0.03-0.0730-200>50Sheet0.07-0.530-70030-2000Board0.5-1050-100050-2000Mechanical Requirement (annealed condition)  Grade and size AnnealedTensile strengthMin,psi(MPa)Yield strengthMin,psi(MPa) (2%)Elongation min,% (1 inch gage length)Sheet,Foil and board(RO5200,RO5400)Thickness 

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