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Taper Tap

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Product Description
Taper TapThe Taper Tap is especially used for tapping and fishing the fallen substances in the hole from the inner hole,like oil tubing, drill pipe, washover pipe, packer, and accessories. It has high fishing rate for those fallen pipes with the coupling.Please specify when ordering: Top Connection, ID of the fish to be retrieved, OD.Technical Parameters-- Taper TapModel      Thread Conn. I.D. (mm) Catch size (mm)GZ86-1          NC26          16        39~67GZ86-2          NC26          20        54~77GZ95-1          NC26          25        68-89GZ105-1          NC31          20        54~77GZ105-2          NC31          25        72~90GZ105-3          NC31          15        43~87GZ105-4          NC31          25        76~100GZ105-5          NC31                8        30~76GZ121          NC38          16        45~67GZ121          NC38          20        55~89GZ121          NC38          20        88~103If you need Taper Tap, please feel free to contact us by email sales@sxgtpm.com

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