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Tcqy Series Pellet Cleaning Sieve

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Features★ Clean up good effect, purify high efficiency: In addition to the miscellaneous efficiency ≥ 99%, miscellaneous not contain the full integrity of particles or net material."★ use of cantilever screen tube. Screen tube-feeding, and the expected arguments of the screen, respectively, with different combinations of sieve, sieve can be the ideal efficiency grounds.★ using reverse feed, expected to drum sieve of a spiral, an increase of the actual length of arguments sieve, sieve rationale for the full effect, and effectively prevent impurities in the material with a net.★ screen using internal arguments, the external clearing brush structure. Fiber Impurities in orange and rice sieve-like grounds when a corporation from the spiral-oriented, reliable automatic clearance.★ dynamic small, high yield, stable and reliable operation, maintenance screen for convenient, compact and small spaces. ★ widely adapted to feed, oil, flour, Rice Milling, granary, and other food and chemical industries such as raw materials of the early-finishing processes.Technical parametersTechnical parametersModel\ParmetersYield(t/h)/td>The tube sieves the specificationE-speedrpmElectric powerkwInflow quantity(m3/h)SCY5010ф540×600280.558SCY6320ф630×800220.5510SCY8040ф800×950220.5512SCY10060ф1000×1089131.518SCY12580ф1250×113991.524Equipment Scale Drawing And Overall Dimension

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