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Tcxt Series Of Permanent Tube

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Features★ Tube is made of stainless steel and iron removing rate is higher than 99%. The magnetic core is made of newest rare-earth permanent magnetic material with magnetic intensity ≥3000GS;★ Installation is flexible and convenient and does not occupy floor space;★ The stiffened and thickened gate-opening hinge completely avoids the occurrence of dropping of magnetic gate; It requires no power and maintenance convenient;★ It is widely used for iron removing of raw materials in industries of feed, flour, rice milling, grain warehouse, food and chemicals.Technical parametersParmeters\ModelTCX15TCX20TCX25TCX30TCX40Dia. of Magnet(mm)ф150ф200ф250ф300ф400Dia. of Tube(mm)ф300ф400ф480ф540ф680Height(mm)7407408749201190CapacityPowder1020354565Granular1530507075Iron removing efficiency≥99%Magnetic Field lntensity≥3000GSEquipment Scale Drawing And Overall Dimension

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